Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dallas Business Headshots and Corporate Portraits

Dallas headshot photographer for business and corporate photos
When it comes to having your business headshot taken in Dallas, you want to enjoy vibrant and contemporary photos you can use on LinkedIn, on websites and social media, and for print, marketing and PR uses. This is your opportunity to make a strong, positive impression. Booking portrat sessions in Dallas, TX at 877-858-0071.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dallas Business Headshots & Corporate Headshots

Dallas Headshot Photographer -- 877-858-0071.
Make that best impression with your career UPGRADE. Enjoy a higher degree of trust and respect with the right image. Be seen in the ideal light with professional business headshots and corporate portraits in Dallas, from an experience and professional digital headshot photographer - booking headshot sessions for individuals or groups at 877-858-0071

Friday, April 13, 2018

Dallas Fitness Photographer = Phsyique, Bikini, Bodybuilders

Dallas Fitness Photographer - professional photos for fitness competitors to showcase your hard-earned physique - IFBB, NPC, Bikini, Physique, Trainers, Athletes, Bodybuilders, etc.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dallas Business Headshots & Corporate Portraits photographer -- great for professional at all stages of their career to showcase you at your best. 

Dallas Headshot Photographer for business and corporate photography

I invite you to use your Dallas business portraits as an introduction tool that helps open doors to business possibilities as fresh and vibrant as your headshots themselves!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dallas Business Headshots and Corporate Portraits Photographer

Dallas Corporate Portraits & Business Headshot Photographer
Dallas Headshots -- Corporate Headshot Photography by Dallas Photographer Marcus delivers Professional Headshots & Business Portraits that put you in the best light for more opportunity. 
We provide headshots for all the top Dallas talent Agencies, Modeling Agencies, Actor, Model and casting directors. 

Our dallas headshots include: Corporate Headshots, Editorial Portraits, and Advertising Portraits. 

As the premier headshot photographer in Dallas for businesspeople, my award-winning photography service provides hair/makeup options for of your photos at our Dallas headshot photography studio in Dallas. Call 1-877-858-0071 to get a quote on your photos.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Professional Dallas Model Headshots

Professional Dallas Modeling Headshots For social, professional, and agency uses.

Dallas Model Headshots and Agency Test Photographer
When it comes to modeling in Dallas, whether you are a "fresh face" or seasoned industry professional - enjoy winning results with Dallas modeling headshots that open doors of opportunity that elevate your career. Dallas Headshot Photographer for Models and Actors. As a premier headshot photographer in Dallas, my award-winning photography Dallas headshots service provides model photography, as well as modeling headshots and Lifestyle Portraits. Contact 1-877-858-0071 to get a quote.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dallas Headshots Photography - Corporate, Models, Actors, Social Purposes

Whether you need corporate headshots of modeling photos, the right pose based on the shape of your face makes a world of difference in showcasing your face at its best. Classy Dallas headshots for your specific needs.

Call 877-858-0071 Now booking at

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dallas Fitness Photographer

Dallas Magazine-style Fitness photos booking now in Dallas, TX -- $50 off for the first five bookings of Summer 2017! Ideal for personal trainers, coaches and competitors (IFBB and NPC. Also ideal for your submission photo to the Dallas Cheerleaders (DCC), Dallas Stars Ice Girls, Dallas Mavericks Dancers, or SMU cheerleaders.

Fitness Modeling Photographer
Special offer is for in-studio, all-white style. Custom fitness photoshoots on-location available on request. Use great fitness photography to promote your fitness-related business / service / brand, or just to show off your accomplishment on your physique! Serious inquiries only, email reply with phone number for details, pricing and scheduling.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Dallas Modeling Headshots - Model/Fashion Portfolio Photographer

Dallas headshot photographer for models and modeling portfolios Whether you are a fresh face or seasoned industry professional - enjoy winning results with Dallas model headshots is key to kickstarting your career. Get the attention of modeling agencies. Dallas Headshot Photographer for Models and Actors. As the premier headshot photographer in Dallas for models and actors, my headshot Dallas headshots service provides actor headshots, as well as modeling headshots and Editorial Portraits. So contact 1-877-858-0071 to discuss your needs.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dallas Headshots & Corporate Portrait Photography

Dallas Headshot Photographer for Business Portraits
Your corporate portrait is taken to showcase you and your team at your best and ready to be of service. My Dallas business headshots include complete photo retouching and sizing for all your purpose – be they print, marketing, online, website and LinkedIn use. In Dallas call 877-858-0071 for pricing and availability."

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dallas Professional Headshots for Business and Corporate Portraits

Dallas headshots need professional photography. If you are wanting headshots for modeling, acting or busienss purposes, at this link, you will discover great examples of contemporary headshots – for business portraits, modeling headshot portfolios as well as actor headshots. See the samples at

Professional Dallas Portrait Photographer for Modeling Headshots

Dallas professional Headshots for Business purposes are a perfect way to showcase yourself to clients.  It begins in my studio with lighting you for the most complimentary pose for the shape of your body. Then my experience in retouching your portrait comes into play for results you will love. To book professional business Headshots in Dallas, call 877-858-0071.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

San Diego Convention Photographers and Corporate Event Photography

We are an established corporate and event photography company in San Diego, CA. We excel in photographing your convention, conference, trade show, corporate headshots and meetings to deliver "marketing-ready" photos that tell the story of your event and brand.

Every event photographer is a vetted and hand-picked professional with over 12 years of corporate event photography experience. That means we have the right eye, the right camera gear and the right know-how to capture the best moments, the best angles and deliver vivid and crisp corporate event photos in ANY lighting conditions.

Meeting planners and marketing departments worldwide hire us to reliably deliver photos they can use in promotions, PR and social media campaigns. We are responsible, passionate and driven to provide excellence that puts your event in its best light.

From large conventions, corporate headshots, trade show coverage, and conference photography, our clients from local businesses, national sale meetings and Fortune 50 firms enjoy the same high standards of event photography. Call 877-732-7208 for pricing and availability.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dallas Business Headshots by Top-Rated Corporate Portrait Photographer

Dallas Business Headshot Photographer - call  877-858-0071
Having your Dallas business headshot taken can be a painless, short process, that puts you in the best light. Many are nervous about "looking perfect" but they quickly relax when they see how my retouching revitalizes them and gives them a "digital facelift" for a slimmer and youthened appearance, and it is important to note, that my retouching still has them looking like them - not some plasticised and fake substitute. So you still look like you, just the most vibrant you.

At, businesspeople in Dallas love my corporate portraits for delivering to their firm a contemporary and crisp look that is great for their business' image. Individuals appreciate my ability to give their image a fast and top-notch appearance they can use for so many purposes: for LinkedIn, for Online uses, for Print, Marketing and PR. And high-trust industries (such as Bankers, Doctors and Lawyers) value how I can give them gravitas while still keeping them approachable. My business headshots deliver great results for firms wanting to welcome new prospects and develop their businesses. 

With so many advantages for you, as an individual or as a firm, simply call 877-858-0071 for availability and pricing at my studio or at your offices. I with you the very best of success!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dallas Headshots for business portraits and corporate photos

Dallas Headshot Photographer for Business Portrait Photos
Your business headshot says a lot about you. It reveals the level of quality you stand for. It showcases the level of professionalism your business clients and prospects can expect from you. As a leading Dallas business headshot photographer, I am here to deliver excellent results for your corporate portrait photography.

My business headshot photography translates to more respect and more opportunity for you. Get seen as the professional you are so you are taken seriously. One way I give you an extra edge is with my magazine-quality headshot retouching that I include with every business portrait session.

My experience with corporate portraits allows me to quickly get you into the very best pose for the shape of your shoulders and head. Add to that your key attitude of success and confidence, and you create that dynamic and attention-grabbing business headshot.

I'm available for individual professional headshots at my studio. And I'm also available to come to your offices for larger groups of business portraits. So let me know your photography needs when you call 1-877-858-0071 and see my website at

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dallas Business Headshots for Young Entrepreneurs wanting to make a serious impact

Are you a young entrepreneur? Got that great idea and just need funding to assemble the right team and the right manufacturing to make it all happen? If so, one of your first jobs is to finesse your IMAGE. You only get 1 chance to make a pitch to a prospective investor, so maximize if with Dallas business portraits.

Dallas Headshots Photographer - 1-877-858-0071
Your headshot has to compliment your professionalism. Your goal here is to be taken seriously - getting the respect that it takes to get their ear, so they can focus and hear how great your idea is and the potential that comes with it. And all of this is wrapped up in a package that centers around you.

So don't let your youth worth to your disadvantage. Investors are more wary than every about who they give their money to, so prove you're serious, you're reliable, you're smart beyond your years with your Dallas business headshots.

Each business headshot comes with photo retouching to show you in your best light, and it makes both a memorable first impression, and a remarkable lasting impression in pitching to venture capitalists who are just looking for a reason to say "no."

Turn shut doors into doors of opportunity by saying yes to my headshot studio's professional photo package - I deliver it marketing ready for print, for online, for social media and for LinkedIn purposes.

Call Marcus at 1-877-858-0071 in Dallas area for pricing and availability of headshot photography sessions. Your business will thank you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dallas Headshots for Cheerleader Auditions

Whether you are about to audition as a cheerleader or dancer for one of the teams in the Dallas area, the options are more exciting, competitive and numerous than ever:
  1. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Headshots
  2. Dallas Stars Ice Girls Headshots
  3. Dallas Mavericks Dancer Headshots
  4. Dallas SMU Cheerleader Headshots
  5. Texas Legends Dancer Headshots
  6. Dallas High School Cheerleader Headshots

    Dallas Cheerleader Audition headshots - Call 1-877-858-0071
    You audition is your one shot to put your best foot forward! So invest in your own success with professional cheerleader and dancer photos to bring to the audition. Every one of the above 6 opportunities has its own rules for audition photos, but in addition to following them, we recommend you show up with photos of:
    • Headshot in Cheerleader Attire
    • Full Length photo in spandex / short shorts / bikini
    • Classy portrait in little black dress that hugs your figure

    Don’t kill your chances with an amateur, homemade or party cutout type audition photo submission! Remember, you are more than a dancer, you are representing your team as a spokesperson both on and off the field/court/rink, so your cheerleader audition photos should also convey your intelligence as well as your toned figure.

    So maximize it with Your cheerleader headshots need to show both beauty and your equally stunning personality, including: headshot, swimsuit photo, and little black dress photo. Remember, as a “professional” cheerleader, you do more than dance, you are an intelligent ambassador for the team. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

San Diego Corporate Event Photographer

Corporate events in San Diego call for professional photography to both document your event and promote it. As experienced event photographers in San Diego, our corporate event photography in particular has to achieve the highest standards.

Marketing departments use it, Public Relations departments use it, and our client's Advertising Agencies use their event photos. We shoot your event to make for great promotional materials, not only telling the story of the success of this year's event, but preparing the way for a great experience next year as well.

As leading San Diego corporate event photographers, we know how to work with corporate meeting planers as well, to deliver a success from all metrics. Plus out 12-point photo checklist evaluates every single photo by hand for sharpness, composition, color accuracy and more.

Enjoy results that are sure to please at all levels when you call 1-877-858-0071 for a custom quote based on your specific needs.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dallas Headshots and Portraits for All Occasions

Dallas Headshots & Portraitsfor business, actors & models - Call 877-858-0071
Your image is essential to being welcomed and trusted. You might as well look as good as possible, expectially when it is more vital than ever for profile photos - for your business and in social media.

As a leading Dallas headshot photographer, I help all kinds of people in Dallas get headshots, both in my studio or at their offices, or outdoors on location, that put them in their best light.

A positive and vibrant headshot needs to position you for more success - be it towards your firm's corporate portraits, or be it for modeling and acting agencies.

Each headshot session comes with expert photo retouching as well as your headshot formatted for both use in print and online. For individuals or groups, call 1-877-858-0071 in Dallas, TX.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dallas Fitness Portraits

As a fitness photographer in Dallas, I'm called on for expressive portraits that portray, not just physique, but attitude and character. See this recent sample.

Dallas Fitness Photographer for athlete portraits, bodybuilders,
fitness competitor artistic portraits. Call 877-858-0071.
Fitness models, both experienced and aspiring, enjoy the portrait results I deliver. With my knowledge and use of lighting to accentuate their form, their physique can really shine at its best.

So whether you are are an athlete promoting your career, a fitness competitor who has worked hard to achieve that winning combination of muscle and lean, or just want to look your best in the fitness industry (trainers, body transformation contest, coaching, MMA, etc.) - I can deliver creative, artistic, and most of all, stunning physique photographer.

Based in the Dallas area, I've photographed many bodybuilding shows around the nation as well as local fitness models for a higher degree of success. So call Marcus at 1-877-858-0071 to discuss the results you're looking to enjoy from your fitness photo session!

Dallas Convention Photographers - Event and Conference Photography

Your convention is a special even that deserves to be well-documented. All the effort, promotion and industry focus has a story to tell in photos of all the innovation, the engagement, the progress and the recognition that your special event needs.

Dallas Event Photographers for Conventions, Conferences and Award Ceremonies - Call 877-858-0071
As a Dallas convention photographer, I understand the need to get very marketing-savvy photos -- the keynote speakers, the vendors and expos booths, the breakout sessions and the excitement and engagement from the participants. So call me to showcase your special event, awards, expo, trade show, or conference in Dallas with photos that are sharp, vivid and ideal to use to promote your event.

In fact, I put every photo through my proprietary 12-point checklist - for clarity, color accuracy, composition - so your photos are completely ready to be used in print, online and social media.

The result is success on all sides and everyone is happy with the photos that promote them, so they share it to promote your event all the more. For a customized quote for your specific needs for event photography in Dallas, call 1-877-858-0071.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dallas Architectural Photographer

Dallas Architectural Photographer - Call 877-858-0071
As a leading Dallas Architectural photographer, I often get asked to photograph commercial properties - for architects, for builders, for property managers and for advertising / marketing purposes.

My job is to show your architecture at its best. I enjoy working with the best angles, lighting for striking composition that separates my property photography from that of merely real estate photography.

I am "selling" more than the property - I am selling YOU and your role in the business connected to that property. So my real job is delivering the right image - the marketing-savvy photo that promote YOU -- as the architect, the builder, the manager, the agent, the designer, etc..

My architectural photography in Dallas has helped my clients enjoy tens of millions in additional profits as a results, so all my services are geared to be an investment in your own success.  Have some results you are looking to achieve? Then call me architectural photography studio in Dallas at 1-877-858-0071 and I wish you the best of success. - Marcus K

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Branch Warren at the 2014 Dallas Europa - Bodybuilder Portraits

Professional Fitness Photography by

Extreme bodybuilding in action - Branch Warren from Dallas Posing at the ‪#‎DallasEuropa‬ 2014, hot off the press, by Dallas Fitness Photographer, Marcus. ( • 1-877-858-0071)

As a fitness photographer, I photograph bodybuilders and fitness models. My fitness clients have appeared in Flex, Oxygen, RXMuscle, and other trade magazines. I photograph NPC and IFBB competitors in addition to college and pro athletes (Herschal Walker, Tony Romo, Darren Woodson, etc.)

Knowing anatomy, posing, lighting -- it is all key to a good fitness portrait. My fitness clients seek me out for these skills that bring out their definition and ithe most flattering way.

Today's photo is hot off the press - bodybuilding heavyweight favorite (especially in Dallas, Texas)  the famous Branch Warren photographed here, posing at the Dallas Europa games and fitness competition - going on life as we speak this weekend.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Key to Real and Lasting Love

Someone wrote me today that:

" I think we need to love God first, then He loves us back and that love fills us, so we can love others."

To which I say, "Almost!" Yes we have to be filled with God's love or we cannot love others and that is a huge missing piece in today's culture. Today's weak notion of self-generated love is about "feelings" which are subject to time of day, to hormones, to blood sugar and thousands of other things. Those kinds of feelings are unable to "love" when the feeling is not right, and those feelings are usual determined by surrounding circumstances.

But our "loving God" is in response to His love. God has initiated love first, and we are the responders. The Faith part is truly believing that God is already loving you.

In this way, we see that God has to GIVE us the love to even love Him back with.

God is love. Love originates in the heart of God. God is not weak sentimentalism. God is fiercely committed love. Both passionately tender and disruptively wild.

The only love worth loving with is God's love. Everything else will let you down, because your heart was designed for perfect love.

1. God initiates love
2. Our will and heart is willing to believe and receive it.
3. We are transformed by God's love, shedding our false and sin-reactive selves, in a process to be more like our lover. Generous, free, lavish, etc.
4. We can then begin to love others the way we were meant to. Experiencing ourselves as agents of a love much larger than our own identity.

Thus to "love God" is to be in a relationship with a perfect lover… whereby we also discover that WE (for all our self-righteousness and "nice" intentions and rationalizations, but riddled with selfishness and unfaithfulness) are the one's always violating love on our end. So we come to see our enormous and consuming need for Grace. That is, for constant forgiveness, course corrections, so we root out and turn again and again back to the heart of God. Continually seeing how we are missing and underestimating God's love, being the offenders and chocking off the very level of intimacy we pretended we wanted, to thereby grow to receive more and more. Our loving God is ALL about receiving. We are the female in the relationship - we are the receivers, penetrated by a loving life force.

And that is what enlivens and empowers us to love at all. Any beliefs about love that don't focus on the Heart of God towards us, miss the core of love. We're not these noble creatures; we're terribly needy. We feel our own needs so intensely as the background to our entire lives. So we justify a million selfish behaviors. A billion self-consumed thoughts and deeds. And then wounds at all levels come to use in life, and we get into this habitual wounded-reaction-mode, as if our hearts (thirsty as they are for love) exist in some perpetual post-trauma, offended state. And yet out heart's simply won't stop needing love. So we alternately find addictive substitutes that manage to vaguely mimic the feelings of love-wholeness for a moment, or we demand that our fellow humans love us better, etc.

But if we are honest, we inevitably come to the same conclusion that Florence Allshom did:

"I used to think that being nice to people and feeling nice was loving people. Now I know it isn't. Love is the most immense unselfishness and it is so big I've never touched it."

God knows we are terrible needy. That is why He proclaimed himself to be many-breasted (El Shaddai), with a provision to fill our every need. Again, we are the receivers in this relationship. He has to fill us, to change us, to make us our true selves. We move out of needy psychology (our messy thoughts and feelings), into love-responsiveness. Into freedom to love. I get a lot out of how Leanne Payne talks about how contact with the presence of God, makes us "real" - makes us our real selves, free to respond instead of just react from needing love. Free to be. Free to create. Free to actually partner with God as amazing as that may sound! Truly alive! THIS, my friends, is exactly what we were meant to be.

Communion with the Messiah (His life, His heart, His blood, His being) is the only way to really love ourselves or love God or love others. This is where we find life, love, belonging, wholeness, security, purpose, acceptance, and every other thing we need, that without them drive us into much unhappiness and frustrated attempts to control life, instead of to joyfully surf this life like a giant wave of love. The only love worth loving ourselves with is God's love. He will treat our hearts FAR BETTER than we ever would treat our own. And let's face it, isn't that exactly what you, just like me, has been longing for all along?

"The realized and integrated personality, finding its identity only in God, and no longer seeking it in a role (wife, mother, father), in a career or profession (doctor, lawyer, pastor, artist) or in a class (woman, white-collar worker, black), is no longer shaped or determined by fears of failure or by what others think of it. Its justification is God alone. This redeemed personality is freed from the superimpositions of the sins, mistakes, and foibles of others and of those of its own past; it is freed from the rejections it has experienced, both in its past and in its present. It is truly free; free to love - even its own enemies; free to create - in spite of the fears and hate surrounding it. 

This personality no longer attempts to relate to others (much less to the Body of Christ) on the basis of expertise of any kind, for it no longer finds its identity in that expertise. Fears, outward pressures, undue domination by others no longer shape its inner life, nor even-over too long a period- the circumstances of its outer life; secure within its inner being, it is enabled to confront and to deal with these things rather than be shaped by them. 

It has insofar as its finiteness permits, willed to be one with God. Its will one with its Creator's, it can therefore perfectly collaborate with its Creator. Paradoxically appearing to have lost itself, the personality finds itself for the first time truly creative."
-Leanne Payne in Real Presence

At the cross outside of Jerusalem, God, in Yeshua, provided the ultimate demonstration of love. A love willing to sacrifice its own son, in order to GIVE itself to us. To revitalize us and transform us in response to it. The Father, in Christ, put his very heart NAKED on display - knowing it would me mocked, rejected by the high-minded religious leaders, would be misunderstood, would be rejected by most. FOR THE SAKE OF THE FEW who would choose to RESPOND to that heart - the lifeblood poured OUT so that, via faith, it could get IN us. Forming the basis of a relationship of love, rather than a God-man relationship of condemnation and separation.

God has zero interest in religious ceremony that is not a heart response to His heart. Religious systems of any kind that are about the system, and not about God's heart do not and cannot radiate divine life! Systems and ceremony are lifeless in an of themselves.

Instead God is passionately interested at getting us to understand He is our lover (our everything), and to see His heart of sheer Goodness. Only then can we trust Him. Only then can we respond in ANY way to Him from a true orientation. Only then can a meaningful intimacy, partnership and relationship of faith be formed. Only then are we responding to the  REAL Him. Only then can we find our passion and our purpose, in the light of His passion and purpose. Only then are we free. And only a free person can freely choose to love back in a way that is meaningful and beautiful. I am alive only because I responded to God's love, like a little child's trusting heart, to let Him live inside me. It is ALL about God, not about me. Let my life more and more reflect His love. Everything else pales in compassion to that.

I look at myself and see 1000 ways I am a MESS. I don't live up to me own ideals. I might focus on one aspect, only to neglect 3 dozen other aspects. I too am riddled with self-distortion and every human neediness, frailty and failing. AND YET, it is as if my being comes into FOCUS in the presence of God's love. Here I find a radically difference perspective. I find life. I find power. I find the divine perspective. Even in the chaos and mess and imperfection, God is choosing to be at work through me. I can do more than I EVEN IMAGINE as God works through me -- some times with me, many times despite me. God's love is the standard by which to reference everything. And that only helps me begin to see how much I need God's love. In Christ I am powerful and effective. In Christ I can move mountains. Apart from Christ, I can do nothing (meaning that everything I do in my own ability will only be things I am embarrassed of later on).

But in Christ I can BE and DO the goodness I want to - the goodness I was meant, purposed and designed to do. In Christ, I am a force for love and goodness. God has chosen to change the world one heart at a time, THROUGH those hearts willing to be changed by God's love. I am unstoppable -- fearless and free to be vulnerable for the sake of love. The only way I can be that is because I am first made secure and whole by being filled with the love of God.

Thus I transcend all human philosophy and surmount all psychology. God's life in my sprit, trumps the tangles in my soul.

As I reflect Him, I can participate in Tikkun - the overarching restoration of all things back into alignment with the heart and purposes of God. I exist as an extension of the Kingdom of God into the dimension of time and space, radiant with the very approval, life and authority that God gave his very own Son! Mine is now a divinely empowered life - totally free and able. Not to indulge stupid and temporary urges, but free and empowered to participate in the building of the Kingdom of God as it expands and extends throughout creation, just as if fills heaven with God's very Glory.

Our love is a response to God's love. Any goodness I might participate in is a response to God's goodness.

The secret is not trying to be "good", "moral", or "religious". Rather my prayer is "Show me Your heart, God." So that I may respond to that revelation. The more you show me the more I am in awe. Responding to God's heart = worship, my highest calling that will take eternity to respond back.

And to close with the ultimate words about love ever written by a human: so simple any child can understand, yet so true and so profound

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.

In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is whole and complete in us.

By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.

And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.

Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

By this is love perfected with us, so that we may have confidence for the day of judgment, because as he is so also are we in this world.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

We love because God first loved us.

If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.

-- First John Chapter 4.

Two Resources that more deeply articulate this and helped me go beyond mere attempts at self-esteem, to an integrated self/personality, to better be on the path of love.

The Sacred Romance

Real Presence

Saturday, March 22, 2014

In light of the threat of war, we pray this morning

Dear Lord God and Jesus Christ, Your Son,

We see the Russia / Crimea situation threatens to escalate into war… into nuclear… in to WWIII. We pray for the Grace and Power of God, through the Holy Spirit, to restrain war, with all its vanity, death, and destruction.

We humbly rebuke the pride of nations in Jesus' Name. We confess and rebuke the lust and greed of nations in Jesus' Name. We rebuke our own pride in Jesus' Name. We acknowledge You, God and your Son, Jesus Christ as the true and worthy source and seat of all power, authority and righteous rule - both in heaven and on this Earth.

We confess the pride and arrogance of American, Lord. We like to believe we are self-sufficient. But that's really a lie. We confess we have also all lied to ourselves in wanting to believe that sudden destruction cannot come on this Nation. We Americans like to believe we are bigger and better than any other nation. We're proud in thinking that our status comes from our own virtue, when in fact, we don't strive to be virtuous.

Perhaps worst of all is our boastful selfishness. We have been blessed as a Nation, and although we have been a blessing in many ways to other nations, at the same time, we have mostly sought to serve and glorify OURSELVES without acknowledging You as the Source.

We hereby acknowledge that many other nations throughout history were the top dog - for a time - but have fallen into ruin and third-nation status. We see American on this same course of inner self-destruction. We ask to be saved. Saved from ourselves. Saved from our pride and our tolerance of lies and corruption. Tolerance of greed, ego and oppression. We have sinned by tolerance of all kinds of evil against You and Your Word. We have sinned by glorifying our own nation, ourselves, and our own works.

So we know and acknowledge that a fall of America is only just, given our pride and rebellious ways. We have been arrogant and arrogant as a nation! There is much good in American, but we must acknowledge and confess the Truth - all this goodness, ALL of it, really came only from You, God. It came as we honored You so that You could get Your blessing and prosperity into us. But we have sinned: we act like we don't need You, God. We have sinned in that don't seek You - to hear and obey You. In so doing we are pushing away Your blessings and hurting ourselves. Trying to operate in our own worldy wisdom and own strength, we have only positioned ourselves for the removal of Your blessings - the removal of our freedom and prosperity.

But we pray; we pray for Grace to even humble ourselves. We pray for judgement of nations to be minimized - enough to humble us, but not to savagely and ruthlessly destroy us. We pray for Your Amazing Hand of Goodness to return to us. Help us, our citizens, our leaders, our officials to PUT AWAY and to PUT OFF all that displeases You -- all that is the opposite of what would bless Us as well.

Our own strength and schemes cannot bless ourselves. We confess our foolishness in this regard. This is true of the individual as well as the Nation, Lord. We need You. We've always needed You, God, But we cry out to You and confess that we need You desperately. The turmoil of nations only helps us see how much we have always needed You. We humble ourselves. Please forgive our corruption, greed, selfishness, pride and rebellion as a Nation, Lord Jesus. Help us to be Your people so that You can be our God for real.

Help us to stand up and cleanse our hearts as a Nation, to stand up and be on the side of Good, that is to say, on Your side. We admit we need to be saved, redeemed, restored as a Nation. We know You can allow both inner enemies and other nations to be used to rightly judge us, and we'd be idiots not to be afraid of that. We don't want to experience that horror. Lying pride will tell us we can get away with compromise, when really we cannot. Please forgive us for this persistent sin.

We seek YOU and Your freedom, blessing and goodness. And we acknowledge that this only comes from You ruling us in truly right ways of living, not boastful indulgence. We have abused our freedom and tried to turn it into a way to indulge ourselves at every level. We've let ourselves become rotten in this way. We've taken all Your goodness for granted and, worst even, tried to imagine it somehow came from ourselves as a Nation. We've become rotten through prideful indulgence.

So we know You would be Just in removing all your Hand of blessing and profession from us, but please save us that Your Hand of goodness might not be removed. Please rule over us from the inside out as well as from our leaders. Please restore our heart for You as a Nation.

In your Love, Sovereign God, help us, save us, and save us from war with nations and save us from inner compromise. Save us from all who would betray us as a Nation.

Save us from the egos of world leaders on every side.
Save us from the ego of Obama.
Save us from selfish ambition at all levels.
Save us from the destructive foolishness of this world.
Save us from the raging, fiercely wounded inner child of Obama .
Save us from a prideful spirit and save us from spirit of petulance, contentiousness and hatred.
Save us from the lust of nations for power, for control and for self-glory.
Save us from the plans of evil men in all control, loss of freedom and destructive ways.
Return us to You, God, from Top to Bottom -- from the greatest to the least of us.
Please restrain our Pride and restrain the Destruction that follows Pride.

Do whatever it takes to change us into a Nation that better serves You, and Your Son, Jesus - The King of Kings. But in Your non-stop Graciousness, please save as many lives within this Nation as possible - that we might do Good with our lives, and not merely serve the ego, the self and selfish ambition that leads to destruction.

We pray you snuff out war and bloodshed. Even in this late hour, we dare to Hope - to Hope in Your power to restrain evil. Please forgive America for how she has been like a big bully to other nations, instead of a humble servant that uses all she has to bless everyone on all sides. Make the contentious Nations turn from beasts into harmless sheep before You. All power is Yours, and You are Sovereign over the schemes of men.

Now please tame and diffuse this present conflict so it does not spread globally as a catalyst to WWIII. Help us truly cleanse ourselves with a deep and meaningful repentance at all levels, so as to turn aside Your wrath at our admittedly self-destructive ways. Help us value life and freedom like You want us to. That only comes from humble Godliness that can align with You to receive Your blessings. You are the ONLY source of goodness, blessing and life.

Human leaders make big promises and big boasts, but all real authority flows from Your Throne. You are the King of Goodness, the King of Freedom, the King of Blessing, the King of everything we want and need. Please forgive the foolish pride of ourselves and our leaders. We pray that the turmoil and destruction might pass over America as much as possible, we pray in the Name of Jesus - the only true and worthy power over everything for all time. Amen.

3/22/2014 at 9:00am

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Casual Dallas Business Portraits - Headshot Photography

Dallas Business Portraits Photographer - Call  1-877-858-0071.
You want your Dallas business portraits, even your casual ones, to show you at your best. That means warm, engaging, vibrant and ready to get the job done right.

As a leading Dallas business portrait photographer, I photography businesspeople at all career levels, including casual business portraits. As a result, I know how to put you at ease and bring out your confidence on camera.

Get positive results that show you at your best. The casual (yet professional) style of business headshots is growing in popularity, especially with real estate agents, venture capitalists, and high tech industries.

I can deliver great results for both individuals and groups. These include retouching and are sized for online use, print and marketing use, as well as your LinkedIn business profile photo.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Garland Roofing - Residential Roof Contractors

Your home's roof is important. Not only to protect your home from weather and rain, but also to keep your house from becoming unnecessarily hot in the warm Texas long Summers.

Did you know that, on average, a whopping 30% of your home's heat in Summer comes in through your roof? First the sun heats the roofing shingles themselves. Then that heat radiates throughout your attic, making your ceiling hot and then on into and throughout your home. This discomfort can be lessened by a property installed roof and by service we provide such as Radiant Barrier and Insulation.

Repairing your roof or replacing your roof makes for the ideal time to also look into protecting your home from the harsh Summer heat.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

"Dallas Headshots" Photography by Marcus

Dallas Headshots - Photographer at 1-877-858-0071.
At Marcus' "Dallas Headshots" we provide great looking corporate headshot / executive portraits done at your office location, corporate event or our Dallas Headshots photo studio. We deliver great results for your business headshots and are also Dallas top choice for acting headshots.

Each headshot photography style is different - designed to get noticed and help you advance. For pricing and availability, call 1-877-858-0071 and ask for Marcus.

Monday, February 3, 2014

You can choose to deathcare or lifecare, but there is no Healthcare apart from God's Divine Life

You can choose to deathcare or lifecare, but there is no Healthcare apart from God's Divine Life
Why is America acting as if they are in desperate need of the world’s way of healing, which is no healing at all, when they could have ME - Jehovah Rapha. I AM healing. To empty every hospital in the nation would not drain Me one bit! 
My people are called to be extensions of Me. They are to bring healing, at all levels, including physical healing to their community and neighbors. They are to believe Me. They are to extend ME to others. My healing to them. By not doing this, they are failing to glorify Me. Understand, if you will not glorify Me and walk if faith, you are useless and may as well not even be given the opportunity of time on Earth any longer. 

Do you actually want systems of deathcare to sweep over this nation? Don’t be swallowed by darkness, rather swallow up death and disease in My light. Wake up and realize you have been tricked into false dependance. Repent of this rebellion so that I can flow My blessing through to you to others. Repent of your smallness, faithlessness, deception and fruitlessness. My life and power is available to those who Believe.

Your healthcare system is an utter mess because it is not based in Me. I could give insight into the proper cures without side effects. I could send my children, as I Myself did, to heal entire towns in a single day. But My children refuse to believe. You have bought into the lie that I no longer do the miraculous. As a direct result, you enjoy the least miracles of any nation on Earth. This makes My heart so sad. It was not to be this way. You were to lift Me up and let Me Shine to the nations. I urge you to USE the time you have left to uphold My Name in Faith and return to My calling for this nation. 

I and I alone can make you glorious if you will only hear and obey. Speak My Words of divine healing over any and all you encounter. Get Me into You. Then put Me into them. Don’t you even trust Me to Honor My Own Name????????

You are only suffering needlessly under the absence of My Kingdom’s restoration because you will not act as My heart is telling You, Americans. Grow new ears to hear how Good, Wonderful and Amazing I AM!

Did I not say that I have borne your sickness and infirmity with Me to the Cross, along with everything else wrong with you and this world? You are sick and a mess, America, because You refuse to believe Me. This will only worsen without Me. There simply is no life and healing apart from Me. Outside of Me is only decay and destruction.

Here you are, under OPPRESSION because of unbelief, greed and lies. Get this through your head, deaf America, I AM life. I AM healing. Your vitality is drained. Your finances are drained through a medical system that is complicated and burdensome. 

And still you refuse to let My Divine Life and Power into you, to be channels of blessing, wherever you go. This is so sad for you, America. WIll you not Be My Life and Light? Don’t you want to enjoy My healing, abundance and blessing?

The very healing I want to bring is attacked and corrupted, but come WITH Me in the victory I have already accomplished and reverse this corruption.

How do you do this? First, you must acknowledge that you have cooperated with lies - with unbelief. Lies that I no longer heal. Lies that you need a man-made system of healthcare. Lies that you need the latest medical technology. The government cannot heal you. You, not them, are called to be my ministers of real solutions. Don’t you believe that My Kingdom is a Kingdom of solutions? I AM innovation. I AM solutions. I AM a massive fountain gushing with breakthroughs. It is not that technology is bad, but that you DEPEND on an insufficient source - on man, on science, on human understand, on institutions. 

The core of this nation's present bondage is that you do not depend on Me and have been SUCKERED into the mire to depending on man and man’s false solutions and oppressive institutions. Until you return your moment-by-moment dependance to Me, I will allow your false dependancies to harass you mercilessly, as a motivation to turn back to Me. I call you to choose: spreading death through man’s pathetic attempts to solve his own problems, or turn to Me, the architect, designer and author of Life. 

I AM your life in every way, both here on Earth, and into Eternity. Don’t be suckered into suffering under the thorns of infirmities. My Life is more Powerful and Active than all the assaults on your bodies. I AM the miraculous. I came to Restore and Heal. Take up My mission and cause into the Earth. I AM just as miraculous right now as I ever was.

Repent of cooperating with my enemy and believing the lies of his false kingdom! Cast off Your unbelief. I have massive untapped storehouses of healing and blessing that go UNUSED - wasted because my children are not obeying Me to tap into them and take what is of Heaven and do My will upon the Earth. Stop blocking Me. Stop wasting ME. Call upon Me in naked Faith. Humble yourselves so I can lift you up in me.

Get Up and Walk in Me. Go forth as My ministers of Healing. Go forth in My Name. Believe and act. Break your agreements with false sources. Cast off broken dependancies. Rise Up in Me. Anyone can do this because anyone can Believe. Believe in Me. 

Extend healing through My Name. I AM the miraculous. Show my miracles to this world that many may also believe. Extend Me into Your world in every aspect. You have not because you believe not and ask not. Strengthen your faith. Herein is Joy in Me. Ask in Faith in Who I AM.

God's Word To America: 2/3/2014.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Dallas Headshots and Corporate Headshot Photography by Dallas Photographer Marcus

Plano and Dallas area Business portraits & headshots photographer, executive portraits, Professional Headshots, corporate headshots photography to the businesspeople of Dallas, including the North Dallas areas of Plano, Carrollton, Addison, Frisco, Richardson and Allen, TX.

Corporate headshot photography by Dallas photographer Marcus. Your professional Dallas headshots and business portraits done either in-studio or on-location with studio backdrop and studio lighting. You enjoy the most ideal post for your specific body shape and face shape.

After selecting the most positive and marketable photo of yourself, expert retouching is performed and your Dallas business headshots are delivered back to you, completely ready to use for all purposes:

• Web Resolution for online use - email, websites, social media, etc.
• LinkedIn business profile square crop
• High Resolution for print use

The superb retouching, combined with the right light, right post, and fast turnaround, makes for the best value in the Dallas area for your business headshots.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dallas Model Headshots Portfolio Photographer

When it comes to modeling headshot photography in Dallas, you want a professional photographer that can get results for your career. As a Dallas photographer of models and actors, I know how to show you in your "most marketable."

You want to land better modeling and acting gigs. You want to advance your career - standing out to casting directors and modeling agencies. In today's competitive marketplace, a great headshot can get you in the door - helping make those "once in a lifetime" opportunities land your way.

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